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Alice Walker, Blicke vom Tigerrücken, Gedichte English-Deutsch, Rowohlt, 1995, page 24

Never offer your heart to someone who eats hearts

Never offer your heart

 to someone who eats hearts

who finds heartmeat


but not rare

who sucks the juices

drop by drop

and bloody-chinned


like a God.


Never offer your heart

to a heart gravy lover.

Your stewed, overseasoned

heart consumed

he will sop up your grief

with bread

and send it shuttling

from side to side

in his mouth

like bubblegum.


If you find yourself

in love

with a person

who eats hearts

these things

you must do:


Freeze your heart


Let him – next time

he examines your chest –

find your heart cold

flinty and unappetizing.


Refrain from kissing

lest he in revenge

dampen the spark

in your soul.



sail away to Africa

where holy women

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There are no words.  There is no explanation.

I went with my mom on a boat to Boston

I went with my mom on a boat to Boston

To visit our friends.  It is on a big island.

To visit our friends. It is on a big island.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Gone, But Not Forgotten.”

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The Cancer Magnet

My friends are intelligent and articulate. And, I fear, shouting into a storm.

Ali Abbas

What would you give me for a medical marvel? If I offered you a means of gathering all the cancerous cells in a body in one easily excisable place, where one swipe of a sharp knife could affect a cure, what wreaths and garlands would you lay at my feet?

It is an intriguing thought, taking that which spreads and is difficult to track, and accumulating it away from vital organs ready for surgery.

Now imagine the disease is not of the body but of society: a menace spreading lethal tendrils across borders. A disease with its roots in the virus that is Salafism, and that was incubated and nurtured in the laboratory of the Taliban and Al Qaida. The cancer magnet is ISIS.

Hundreds have left these isles already to associate themselves with brutality and evil, and hundreds more have joined them from an array of nations. Surely this is…

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Once again, you get it right.

a diary of a mom

Last night, I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page.

A little over a year ago, my dad sent us a beautiful set of brand new dishes as a (very) early Christmas present. I was thrilled, as I’d been dying to replace the ones we had. Brooke was not as enthusiastic. In fact, she would not, could not eat green eggs and ham or anything else off of the new dishes. For over a year, she has steadfastly refused to go near them.

Tonight, without a word, she went into the cabinet and grabbed a dish. A “new” one. She de-sandwiched her ice cream sandwich on it. She brought it into the den and ate her unsandwich, as though eating off of a plate that she’s been avoiding like the plague for more than a year was the most natural thing in the world. As she brought the plate…

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In Aber Falls, North Wales

In Aber Falls, North Wales Dreams and fantasies 

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