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I’ve learned a little bit about communication in the last few days.  Sometimes, miscommunication is even worse than non-communication.  Although I specified with DH that I wanted to know this was 100% sure before I told anyone about it, and he assured me it was 100% happening – it wasn’t.  At least not in his mind.  When he found out I posted about the move he really flipped.  We had an intense conversation about why – it turns out that it’s mostly about what he was comfortable with being communicated.  He is much closer to his sleeve with information than I am.  Any miniscule possibility that this may not happen is enough for him to say it isn’t happening, whereas for me it is a process.  It is happening, or it’s not, but the process of it is important to me and I need to note it, process it and remember it.

FYI: It’s really happening.  He realized he over-reacted and we talked through the why of it.  Being a psychology major sometimes comes in handy.

The latest information we have is that DH will fly out on the 24th to spend approximately 10 days at the client site.  While there he will scout locations for where we might live, and meet with relocation agents hired by the company to help us transition.  Meanwhile, I will be packing/organizing/cleaning the house (how much can you accumulate in 12 years?!).  I will still be working and going to school full time, and caring for the boys as always.  We are actually wondering if my doubling up on classes will be a good idea, as the sooner I can finish this program (right now, scheduled for 11/1 of this year), I might be able to practice therapy over there and perhaps take classes for my graduate program as well.  In the meantime, our schedule for the next month is mind-numbingly crazy.

  • This Monday: DH flies to Austin for project.  He flies out to Austin two weeks in a row.
  • The 24th he flies to the UK.  He is there until the 6th.
  • April 2nd, I hope to take the kids to visit family during Spring Break.  They will not see some of these family members for at least a year, maybe two.
  • April 9th, I leave for Chicago for the RT Bookreviews convention.  Jay is supposed to be home to care for the kids during this time.
  • I suspect he will be flying back to the UK sometime the next week, April 16th or 17th.  He might not return after that.
  • I am supposed to take a trip over there sometime in May to help him find a house, set up schools for the boys, etc.  This is also assuming we can find childcare for the boys – not an easy thing at all.
  • The last day of school is May 31.  The boys and I will somehow make our way to the West Coast to visit my family for a week-ish.  We will probably fly from LAX to Manchester.


Somewhere in there, DH and I are both going to need to schedule minor surgical procedures that will take 3-5 days of recovery time.  DH wants me to skip Chicago.  I am not willing to do that, as it’s been planned for a year and I will not be able to attend another RT Convention for years.  Add in that I’m not sure how the logistics of even continuing to review while in Liverpool will work – I suppose only books available on NetGalley will be do-able.

My head is obviously spinning.  I am nervous and excited in equal measure.  So much of what I love here will be sorely missed: Dear friends, family, my job(s).  At the same time, what I’m moving towards thrills me:  Travel.  Adventure. New friends. Friends that I’ve sorely missed.   The loves that I am leaving are breaking my heart, and the loves that I’ll be gaining will make me sing out.   I am taking my greatest loves with me, and am so excited to share the world with them.

We’ll just have to see.



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Life is filled with surprises, and I am so trite for saying it in just those words.  Still, it is true.  The entirety of this blog will be about dealing with the surprise that’s come along for us, rather quickly.  

DH was approached two weeks ago about a new position opening up within his company.  It is another 15-24 month project, just like the one he recently wrapped up in Detroit.  Only this one will not require him to travel M-F.  This one will require him to relocate. 

To Liverpool.

Yes.  That’s Liverpool.  UK.  Great Britain. Ye Olde Motherland (I suppose, despite the melting pot of the U.S. and the fact that neither DH nor I have much in the way of British blood, the only country we can claim to have split off from is GB).  

The transition is what I will blog, the experience of the ex-pat family.  Probably no one will be interested in any of this aside from a few close friends and family.  Still, I hope to get this down for my own sake, and to  have a documentation of the experiences for the kids to look back on when we return to the U.S. 

This is still very new, and there’s not much to say about it at this time.  DH will fly out for his first meetings at the client site on the 19th of March.  He may return immediately, but he’ll likely stay for a week or so to meet with more people, examine the status of the client site, and scout out the areas we may want to live.  He’ll also hope to get a good visit in with our friend E while he’s there.  

I am working on the kids’ passports (DH and I are already set) and the transfer/quarantine for the dog, Roscoe. The kids don’t know yet, we haven’t told them and likely won’t until DH gets back from his first trip.  It is likely the kids and I will stay here until the school year ends the first week of June. 

I’ve never had a wordpress blog, or any real blog outside of LiveJournal.  Bear with me through what is likely to be a really, really messy learning process.  

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