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Bridge Street

I have been negligent in posting to this blog.  Part of the reason is that I went into a pretty good funk after the delays in our Visa process caused us to lose the lovely Ashtor house.  As we all know, sometimes things happen for a reason, and after some questionable shenanigans on the part of the owner/leasing agent of Ashtor, it is probably a good thing.  Still, I had my heart set on that pretentious little (big) house.

I did get to spend a lot of time with people that I love.  We stayed in California the entire time during the delay, which meant beach time, cousin time, parent time, and nephew time.  Less friend time than I wanted, though I spent some good time with Elizabeth and with Tim, Tara, and Misha.  I will miss everyone! Next time we are in California, I am prioritizing a get-together with Paul, Melanie, and their boys as well as with Kellie and her gang.

Anyway, we have arrived in Liverpool! We are staying at  Bridge street apartments, which is right in the heart of downtown Liverpool, or L1.  This is ideal for me – I love L1 and I stroll the streets and shops as I get the chance.  The boys are loving it too – we have seen a Krispy Kreme kiosk, have visited Thornton’s chocolate shop, and they even had Pizza for their first dinner here, despite my protests.  We also visited a media shop to buy UK chargers for their DS systems.

The apartment is a bit of a mess – cluttered up with all of our bags and stuff.  This is driving me slightly crazy but I’ve managed to unpack the majority of them.  Storage is a problem in terms of the empty bags, so they are piled up on top of Roscoe’s crate in the corner.  Also, the bathrooms have one small shelf, and no place to hide toiletries.  Eyesore!  🙂

We are scheduled to view some houses – please send housing mojo.  Jay is at work, the boys and I are about to head out in search of lunch.  Ta!

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