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Neiha Lasharie

This was published for the Northeastern University Political Review, a political magazine I write for. I’m going to put up the entire article here but I deeply suggest you go check out the website – amazing articles by amazing writers (I made the front page as a Freshman, I think this bodes well for the future).

I recall casually browsing Tumblr one day and coming upon a picture of an extremely pretty black woman, button-nosed and petite, with the most fabulously coiffed pompadour afro, rocking a sharp tux and sharper cheekbones.

My interest was instantly piqued, but I never really listened to her music until someone uploaded an Mp3 track from her first concept album, titled Sincerely, Jane. I was instantly taken by her smooth voice, the orchestral quality of the music, the dramatic strings and brass instruments, and – goodness – those lyrics. Immediately, I went and got the…

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