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Why The Writing Works

You know how when you’ve had a really long week, or just a really long day, or it was just really, really hard to get out of the bed, and you’re sitting in front of your computer screen or your notebook looking down at your fingers on the keyboard or your pencil, and they just. won’t. move? Yeah, you do. All writers have that feeling every now and again.  

I don’t call it writer’s block; I call it The Fog or maybe The Mist. Oooooh. Spooky. Your brain feels cloaked in cheesecloth. Why cheesecloth? I don’t know. It’s the image that came to mind. The problem is unwrapping your brain. Clearing The Fog. When my brain is covered in cheesecloth, I like to go to my craft books. And my favorite craft book for cheesecloth removal is The Poet’s Companion by Kim Addonizio and Dorianne Laux.

Recently, I was trying…

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