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window dressing

Oh yes, this. This this this. What is important, what to give your time and energy to? It is not impressing the neighbors, or your slightly too posh for you in-laws, or your own sense of social relevance. When my son was diagnosed with autism, every extra resource was spent in helping him – not to get better, but to get to be the best HIM he could be – and to find a way to make that new scary word fit in our already crowded family. 12 years on, it’s amazing that you can remember the person you were, who valued some things that were completely not valuable, and be grateful that you now realize what is invaluable.

a diary of a mom

Warning: This post is not about autism. Mostly.

The other night, I posted the following on Diary’s Facebook page:

Screen shot 2014-02-06 at 5.52.11 AM

text of image: 

I dozed off for a few minutes while Brooke and I were playing in my bed. (Don’t judge, people, we were playing Hide and Seek IN BED. I’d like to see you stay awake for that.) Anyway, I woke up to Brooke, in the middle of this scene yelling, “You have to help me row the boat over the rocks! Row! Row! Row! We have to get to Valentine Island!”


{image is of Brooke in my bedroom, sitting on the floor on a pile of cushions and pillows that she pulled off of the window seats to create a “boat” and surrounded by decorative pillows strewn around the floor as “rocks,” once again proving that the notion that autistic people lack imagination is a whole…

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