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I am the quiet suburban soccer mom.  I am the responsible one who picks up her children (mostly) on time, who has a strict schedule every day, who does her best to manage the grind of the routine.  I feed everyone, mostly things that I know they will eat rather than what I think is healthy, granted.  But my impulse – what would my impulse be if I gave in to it? 

I would go.  Just one bag, one backpack, and go.  I would hike and travel and take trains and buses and boats and the occasional airplane. To India, to Africa. I would look into the faces of children and see their similarities to my own. I would study the psyche of every person I came across, and bash my suppositions against the truth. I would just be.  I would explore this gray humanity that I seldom feel a part of.  I would look for the color in the world again. I would throw out all schedules and responsibilities and let the world scribe itself onto my memory.  

Seriously, though.  As if I would ever.


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Forever — is composed of Nows

by Emily Dickinson

Forever–is composed of Nows–

`Tis not a different time–

Except for infiniteness–

And latitude of home–

          From this–experienced Here–

          Remove the Dates–to These–

          Let Months dissolve into further Months–

          And Years–exhale into Years–

Without Debate–or Pause–

Or Celebrated Days–

No different Our Years would be

From Anno Dominies–

The longest journey starts with a single step, but one doesn`t need to physically move a muscle if you possess a fertile imagination. Emily was a reclusive person who had an intense, emotionally passionate inner life which was consumed by her poetic genius. Perhaps because of this, she was subject to enormously energetic mood swings that shared the themes of love, death, nature, immortality and beauty. Poetry was her lover, lord and leader…

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