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A variety of reasons (or excuses) have been made for not posting more recently.  Firstly, the last time I posted about a house as if we’d already signed and moved in, it fell out from under our feet.  I didn’t want to jinx the whole process yet again.  Secondly, life is just hectic right now – I am still working, I am still a full time student, and yet I’m also moving internationally, helping my children adjust, attempting to work with ALL THE BUREAUCRACIES, and trying to find a school for the boys, which is much more difficult than it sounds.

But I can safely report that we are in our home.  OUR HOME.  It is lovely and provincial and so very much what we need.  Our home is not a modernized, easily-heated McMansion in the suburbs.  It is also not a dilapidated, falling-apart, impossible to heat behemoth.  It is a modernized 150 year old farmhouse that sits on a lovely piece of property and feels a bit like heaven to me.  There is a distinct personality to this property- the mixture of an impoverished gentry feel that was given an injection of new money and modernized in ways that are alternately delightful or perplexing.  We’re nowhere near finished moving in, and everything is still a little chaotic for my liking.


See? He’s nothing stunning.  Just a farmhouse remodeled, that includes the former barn, and has a walk-through annex (which is a fantastic, humongous laundry room, by the way). What is really fabulous about this house is the outside. This is the view from my front garden.  It is also the view from my kitchen windows, which wrap all the way around the room.


This is the backyard shortly after sunrise.  That statuary is one of the perplexing bits, but is also a piece of the personality of this house.


This house is not in downtown Liverpool but is really only about 20 minutes outside the city center.  We are in walking distance of a family pub that serves good food.  We walk to the postbox.  When I start running again, I will have plenty of hills to challenge me (save me!).  I love it here.  I mean, I really love it here.

The following is a photodump of other things we’ve done in the house, or bits of the house we love, or bits we find perplexing.



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